WPScope-Traffic to your Website

WpScope-Unlimited Traffic to Your Website

WpScope-Unlimited Traffic to Your Website

  • Unlimited, Videos ONLY Available On YOUR Site

  • Legally Fill Your Blog With Hyper Popular Content

  • Works In ANY & ALL Niches

  • Set Up & Automate The Entire Process

  • FREE Lifetime Updates & Support

  • One Click Updater & Step By Step Setup Wizard

  • 30-Day Hassle Free Guarantee

  • Unlimited Traffic to your website



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From: Cindy Battye
RE: Ground floor opportunity to grow a hungry audience, and monetize it… on autopilot.

Dear Marketer,

Now you too can command a steady flow of red-hot traffic from one of the biggest Social Media breakthroughs since Zuckerberg needed somewhere to stash his selfies….

Have fresh video content on tap even if you react to a camera like Dracula reacts to a garlic farm…

And if you choose to…

You Can Run The Whole Shebang On Autopilot.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the ultimate dream… having the freedom to get up and go on vacation at the drop of a hat… and having a free ‘n’ easy cashflow to spend your days living your life, on your terms, at your pace… where phrases like ‘nine-to-five’ seem like distant memories from a previous lifetime… then grab your hat because I think you’re going to remember what I’m about to show you for a very long time.

But first, there’s something VERY important you need to know…

When People Tell You, “It’s Possible To Build A Big Video Following Overnight…” They’re Lying … You Can Do It In 30 Seconds…

Everyone and their dog is telling you that the best way to get traffic and make bank online these days is video marketing.

You’ve seen them rave about ranking videos in YouTube. Building up an audience for your channel. They probably mentioned ‘viral’ and ‘Facebook’ at some point too.

So… how’s that working out for you?

It’s devastating to spend an age making a video, jump through all the tagging and SEO hoops, spend another evening building links or sharing it across every social network you can name, only for it to get stuck on page five with only seven views. That kind of thing makes anyone want to chuck in the towel, delete their YouTube channel and turn out the lights.

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This New Video Platform Pumps Out 10 YEARS Of New Live Content Every Day… And Marketers Are Ignoring It

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This is Periscope… And you don’t need to be a Math Whizz To See how it’s growing at a Phenominal rate!

Periscope Lets Users Broadcast LIVE, For FREE With Nothing More Than A Smartphone… And It’s Direct Integraton With Twitter Has Made It The Fastest Growing Video Platform Ever!

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Huge, Instant Audiences

Click a button to start a ‘scope’ and have hundreds of targeted people ready to interact with you, share your product and even grow your audience both now and future, snowballing with every scope you run.

Massive, One Click, Free Audiences

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Truly Global Audiences & Space For YOU

People all around the world are already using Periscope, but with millions of users looking for more scopes, there is a HUGE need right now for more scopes in YOUR city/country…

People are searching For you

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Interactivity On STEROIDS!

Periscope gives you real-time interactivity and feedback, with people right in your feed giving live social proof making your sales pitches and calls to action even MORE powerful and irresistable than ever!

social proof & Crowd CTA Juice

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There’s A Limited Opportunity To Get In On The Ground Floor… And Ride The Elevator All The Way Up


Creating video content has never been simpler…               

All you need to do is grab your smartphone and switch on the free Periscope app.

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Switch On Periscope

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Broadcast Live

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Audience Engaged

And using Periscope connects you to your audience like no other platform.

It doesn’t matter if your scope is 30 seconds or 30 minutes… Periscope gives your marketing the seductive power of shared experience.

And while you’re hosting your scope, your viewers are doing all the hard work for you … they’re sharing your scope across the Twittersphere and pulling you in monster-sized audiences.

It’s wickedly effective.

Introducing: WPScope
Easy Traffic. Magnetic Content. Full-Automation.

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WPScope is a WordPress plugin that turns Periscope’s traffic, content, and fan power into your personal traffic factory…

Instead of videos getting deleted after 24 hours…

WPScope curates an autopilot blog made up of high-quality permanent Scopes that drive red-hot traffic back to your blog…

Where you can capture opt in details, sell affiliate offers, retarget them and more… in short, turning your free Periscope traffic into an audience for LIFE.

Try WPScope Today

$97 Just $37

  • Unlimited Site License
  • Personal Or Client Sites
  • + Get FREE Updates for LIFE
  • + Get All New Releases FREE for Life
  • + Get $381 of Extra Bonuses FREE
  • 30-Day Hassle Free Guarantee


“When WPScope Switches To “Full-Auto” It Blasts Out Traffic With Such Force You’re Gonna Need A Licence.”

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While you’re kicking back watching ‘scopes’, sippin’ margaritas, or soaking up a well-deserved break in the sun…

WPscope is churning out magnetic content, attracting traffic, sucking up new subscribers, and building your business, brand, authority and bank balance…

  • Auto Scan And Detect: WPScope doesn’t just automatically detect when you’ve posted a new Scope… it’s constantly scanning Periscope for new relevant content from your favourite Scopers.
  • Auto-Extract: Once detected WPScope extracts your chosen Scope, ready to be curated, optimized and published.
  • Auto-Optimize: WPscope creates headlines, SEO titles, tags, and optionally any attribution you’ve specified during set-up to your blog post. It’ll even add a customizable YouTube description for you.
  • Auto-Syndicate: All curated Scopes are automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel, building another audience and creating more SEO-friendly links back to your money site.
  • Auto-Publish: WPScope will publish your newly curated, optimized content straight to your blog, ready to start pulling in traffic, leads and link juice…(or save it as a draft for you to publish at your convenience).
  • Auto-Share: Want even more traffic? WPScope spreads the word by auto-posting back to Twitter and Facebook (just add your API integration and WPScope will do the rest.)





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